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How Does Guardianship Work?

As a result of illness, old age or incapacity, what may happen when you can no longer handle your own decision-making, handle your own money or make your own health care choices? Who can step in to help and how are they empowered?

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Does Your Senior Know what a ‘Deductible’ Is?

At a life stage where having a clear understanding of healthcare is critical, nearly seven in 10 Medicare beneficiaries agree that Medicare insurance is confusing and difficult to understand. That’s according to a new Medicare literacy survey poll of 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries by

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How to

Consider Funding a Trust with Life Insurance

Estate planning is all about ensuring that your wishes are met after your death. All estate plans should include a will and powers of attorney. However, in many cases, a trust has additional benefits beyond what can be accomplished with the will and powers of attorney.

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