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You can also add provisions to your estate plan that give to charities and philanthropic organizations. Since 2003, Stone Law Offices, Ltd. has helped families and businesses give back to the community.

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Las Vegas Charitable Planning Along with planning your estate to provide for your loved ones, provisions can be made for charities and other philanthropic organizations. The staff at Stone Law Offices, Ltd. has experience assisting clients since 2003 with their estate planning, including making provisions for charitable donations either during your lifetime or upon death.

  • In some cases, providing a donation to an organization can help individuals find their final purpose in life. We are dedicated to helping you determine what this purpose is and what your values are in order for you to give back to the community based on these ideas.
  • Our firm can help you identify charitable opportunities and how they can benefit you as well. Many times certain tax breaks may be connected to the donation of money from estates. The heirs to your estate then may receive these tax breaks, preserving even more of your personal wealth for generations to come.
  • Charitable giving is apart of your social capital – giving a piece of your time, talent, and treasures to an organization that can benefit from your generosity. A sense of personal success and your personal needs are covered when you make a provision in your estate for philanthropy.

Contact a charitable gift planning attorney at the Stone Law Offices, Ltd. today to discuss your thoughts and options for providing for charities in your estate. These organizations can benefit from your last wishes to provide for their cause. Let us help you determine which organizations best suit your individual personality and values.  Las Vegas charitable planning is a specialty of ours. 

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