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Small Business Jobs Up in January
Small businesses are hopeful about growth and their optimism is driving them to hire more people.

Benefits of Forming an LLC or an Asset Protection Trust in Nevada
Nevada is an easy state in which to form an LLC efficiently because it is tax free for business entities and has few reporting requirements or restrictions.

Nevada, Other States, Reviewing Daily Fantasy Sports Legalities
Nevada has now been joined by Massachusetts and California in looking into the legality of fantasy sports companies, the largest of which generated $60 million in entry fees during the opening weekend of the National Football League.

Does Inheritance Tax Matter? A Third of Americans Who Get Fortune Will Blow It, Study Shows
A recent study has shown that one-third of individuals who receive a sizable inheritance manage to deplete it completely within two years, leaving themselves with debt and no savings. Clearly inheritance tax is not their biggest problem.

Green Burials in Nevada Can Prove Challenging
As society becomes more environmentally conscious, there is an increased interest in green burials which eliminate the need for body preparation using various chemicals and traditional caskets, and instead allow for the natural decomposition of a body. As this article explains, various state laws make this process difficult but not impossible in Nevada.

Alarming Percentage of High-Net Worth Families Don't Have Estate Plans
According to a recent survey by CNBC, 38% of Americans with investable assets exceeding $1 million have not worked with an estate planning attorney or financial expert to create an estate plan.

Heirs of B.B. King Challenging Will and Executor
A group of heirs allege that B.B. King's business manager, now executor of his will, has misappropriated millions of dollars, had undue influence, and is unqualified to serve as executor.

Proposed Legislation Would Raise Minimum Wage
A bill was presented to the Nevada Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee that would raise the minimum wage for some workers but make it harder to receive overtime pay. Business groups supported changing the overtime laws but were wary of increasing minimum wage.

Plea Entered in Financial Elder Abuse Case
In order to avoid more serious charges involving the exploitation of her grandmother's savings, a former credit union employee entered a no contest plea on one felony count of the fraudulent use of a credit card.

Business Leaders Wary of Local Governments Gaining Autonomy From State
The Nevada Senate heard from industry leaders concerned about consistency if local governments win more control over issues currently governed by state law.

Welcome to Nevada: Tax Changes Looming
While Nevada has traditionally been known as one of the most business friendly states, some adjustments to the taxes that businesses are responsible for may be on the horizon.

5 Things You Didn't Know, But Should, About Trusts
Trusts can be useful in a variety of estate planning situations. It is important for everyone to consider the use of a trust in his or her estate plan.

Five Steps to Business Succession Planning
Just as an estate plan is essential, if you own a business it is important to have a business succession plan that provides for your loved ones in the event of an expected or unexpected death.

For Some Women, Starting a Business is a Way Around Gender Gap
In Arizona, a state given a C grade for women's employment and earnings, starting their own business might be the only way for the women of the state to earn as much as their male counterparts.

Succession Planning For Family Businesses
Surprisingly, the majority of family businesses do not survive the passing of one of the business owners. It is imperative that you plan for business succession after your death.

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