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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is a Nevada Registered Agent?

Owning a business is a worthwhile venture. However, when you own businesses in multiple states, keeping track of all your mail can be problematic. If one of your businesses is in Nevada but your primary residence is in another state, you will need to appoint a registered agent to act as your proxy, handling sensitive matters on your behalf.

Don’t have a registered agent? You should. Talk to a Nevada business planning lawyer immediately.

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is essentially a person or organization that receives all federal, state and legal documents, on your behalf, during normal work hours. A registered agent will be designated to receive all your tax and legal documents including judgments and notices of litigation proceedings.

Who Can be a Registered Agent?

Nevada registered agents are governed by the Model Registered Agents Act. Essentially, anyone over the age of 18 can be chosen as a business’ agent provided they are located in the state, have a physical address, and are available during normal work hours every weekday. The office of the state secretary has to be notified of such appointment.

Why You Need a Registered Agent

You may be wondering why you need to hire someone to act as your registered agent. There are a number of reasons why you should. First, a registered agent will keep you in compliance with state agencies which require all businesses to have a registered address where important documents can be sent.

If you have a business in Nevada but you live in another state, you have to have a registered agent who will receive all your important documents, ensuring you do not miss out on any of them. Businesses without a registered address face stiff penalties including fines, license revocations and incapacitation with regard to making contracts or accessing the court system.

Another reason to have a registered agent is to save your business’ reputation from potentially embarrassing situations. For example, a client at your main office can see you getting served with court papers and have doubts about doing business with you, even if the suit is frivolous or lacking in substance. With a registered agent, you will not be subjected to such incidences because all your court documents will be sent to your agent, not to you directly.

As a bonus, because the registered agent is required to be accessible during work hours every day of the week, you will not have to worry about missing important documents whenever you are away or when your office is closed. In fact, you and your family can go on a vacation without worrying about missed documents. This is a lifesaver for small or single-person businesses.

Are you looking for a registered agent for your business? Who better to receive your federal, state and legal documents than a Nevada business lawyer? Talk to Nevada business planning attorney S. Craig Stone II by calling (877) 800-3424. He will help you determine what options are best for you and your company.

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