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Want Less Stress? Get Your Estate Plan In Order
How creating an estate plan and making it easily accessible to loved ones will ease the stress resulting from your passing.

Avoid These Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes
Even though many celebrities look like they have it together, they are often lacking when it comes to an estate plan. We should all avoid this list of mistakes in estate planning, celebrity or not.

Estate Planning for the Young, Rich & Childless
Increased numbers of young but wealthy people have been seeking estate planning advice. For those that are single and childless it can be complicated to formulate an estate plan.

Leaving Money to a Beloved Plant
Individuals will often create an estate plan to ensure their children and even their pets are provided for after their passing, but did you also know that you can provide for your plants after your death? One Pittsburgh woman has gained national media attention, placing a provision in her will that grants $5,000 for a friend to use to care for her 7-foot tall lacy tree philodendron.

Dying Without a Will- A Cautionary Tale
Author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, died without a will, which created complications for his surviving loved ones who were to collect his assets. Though Eva Gabrielsson was in a 30-year relationship with the now deceased author, she has no legal right to his property and therefore inherited nothing. If Larsson were to have left a will, it's highly possible that his partner would have collected some of his assets, rather than his entire fortune going to his father and brother. If you live in Nevada and wish to draft a will and other estate planning documents, give Stone Law Offices a call at 877-905-0890 for a consultation.

Financial Planning Key to Business Success
Business owners should take advantage of all the free marketing they can, like attending networking events and setting up social media sites, in order to drive sales. Entrepreneurs and those who take over an existing business need to create a business plan that includes a financial strategy as well as information on competitors and the niche the business will fill.

Warhol Painting Mess: Estate Planning Takeaways
Farrah Fawcett’s estate planning wishes, specifically the famed portrait of the actress by Andy Warhol, has been at the center of several recent lawsuits. The takeaway: transfer personal property in a manner consistent with a will or trust, and with the giver’s intent documented in writing. That way, there won’t be confusion over who really owns the items.

A Primer on Estate Planning: Be Prepared
Estate planing 101 with tips and advice from Nevada Business. When, What, Why, Who, and How are all answered in this article!

Wealthy N.Y. Residents Escape Tax With Trusts in Nevada
Nevada trusts like other states with trusts that have no taxes are being exploited by the wealthy in different states to avoid handing their money to Uncle Sam.

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